About bigfix.me

Welcome to the bigfix.me community website. Here you'll find user generated content like Fixlets which can perform various actions on your endpoints, Analyses which pull back lots of information and Relevance statements that help you develop your own content.

This website grew from the passion for BigFix (Endpoint Manager). My desire to share and grow the product outside of official channels has led me to the construction of this website. I hope you want to help our community grow and prosper by submitting content you've created under the Creative Commons (cc) terms.

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Community Builders

Daniel H. Moran

Daniel is the founder of bigfix.me. He has been very passionate about BigFix for several years and is excited to help other BigFix'ers learn, grow and share. For more on Daniel visit his blog at http://danielheth.com. As a side note, he has an insane office with monitors that literally warp around his command chair.


You are helping build this community. You contribute your time and energy to making this community a success. Without you, this is just a bragging site for only one person.