Migrating Clients from One Infrastructure to Another

Have you ever wanted to move some of your endpoints from one infrastructure to another?  Then you’re reading the right article.  Below I will go over the simple process of moving endpoints from an old 8.2 infrastructure to my newly stood up 9.0 infrastructure.

First step is to find the “Switch BES Client Action Site Masthead – BES >= 7” task.  This is a simple task put together by the Corp office for doing this exact thing.  It is windows based, so if you are migrating non-windows endpoints, you will need to use one of the other tasks.


Since my new infrastructures masthead is available via http, I’ll be choosing to use the URL method of acquiring the masthead.


I need both infrastructures standing and with endpoints.  So I’ll only be moving some of the endpoints from the old infrastructure to the new one.  I’m going to use my “Registered Organization” global property to accomplish this.  If you’re interested in setting this global property up on your endpoints here is the Task, and the global property relevance (a second global property that can be setup is Registered Owner, here’s the relevance for it.).


I will be leaving this action open forever… so I’ve removed the “Ends On” check.


Lastly we need to adjust the action script and specify the URL of the new masthead.  To do this we’ll need to know what it is.


Now look at your new infrastructures console.. and watch new endpoints start appearing.

Remember you’ll need to go to your old infrastructure and delete those endpoints since they will no longer check in there.

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3/15/2013 11:49:29 AM
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