Upgrading RHEL BigFix Server to v9.0.649

A little bit ago, IBM released Fix Pack 1 for their BigFix product.  This fix pack included many bug fixes which were discovered before and since their initial v9 publication.

Since my RHEL server was installed using that initial release it was time to upgrade.  The following are my experiences related to this upgrade which were very easy once I was on the correct path to upgrading.


NOTE:  In the past, I would often just drop the server installer onto my windows server and execute it.  The windows installer initially detects if the product is already installed, and if it is will perform an upgrade rather than an install.  This is not the case with our RHEL server version.

After copying the gzip file onto my RHEL server, I initiated the installer script.  Especially since I already knew that the prerequisites were already satisfied, and no new prerequisites were introduced with this fix pack.

Upgrade RHEL 01

-rw-r--r--  1 root root  109097445 Aug 13 18:23 ServerInstaller_9.0.649.0-rhel.gz
[root@rhelLab ~]# tar -zxvf ServerInstaller_9.0.649.0-rhel.gz

After agreeing to the license agreement…

Upgrade RHEL 02

I found the following item a bit confusing considering I was attempting to upgrade, but I answered and continued anyways…

Upgrade RHEL 03

Select Install Type
[1]  Evaluation: Request a free evaluation license from IBM Corp. This license allows you to install a fully functional copy of the IBM Endpoint Manager on up to 30 clients, for a period of 30 days.
[2]  Production: Install using a production license or an authorization for a production license
Choose one of the options above or press <Enter> to accept the default: [1]

I then came upon another confusing question then the whole installation died.

Upgrade RHEL 04

Select the IBM Endpoint Manager Features you want to install:
[1]  All Components (Server, Client, and WebReports)
[2]  Server and Client Only
[3]  WebReports Only
Choose one of the options above or press <Enter> to accept the default: [1]
Warning: The Server component is already installed and will not be installed again.
Warning: The WebReports component is already installed and will not be installed again.
Info: All the selected components are already installed.
[root@rhelLab ServerInstaller_9.0.649.0-rhel]#

Then I remembered there are indeed two ways to upgrade.  Once the customers usually follow and the other I follow (mostly because I’m always installing QA versions of the product and fixlets are never included).

Now onto the “Real” way to upgrade your server!!!!!

The above steps turned out to be a detour… albeit a short one.  Let’s begin the actual upgrade process!!

Open up your console, and within the BigFix Management domain, you’ll likely find a new section called “BES Deployment Upgrade”.  Within that grouping are the tasks you need to upgrade your deployment.  Like usual we’ll need to upgrade the server, all consoles, THEN relays and clients. 

Upgrade RHEL 05

So first up… the Linux server upgrade… Take action and target your root server.

Upgrade RHEL 06

Upgrade RHEL 07

Next up… is our console apps.  Once the upgrade is complete, you’ll have to upgrade your consoles in order to access your deployment.  This part is a matter of timing… luckily you’ll be waiting a little bit while the server downloads the server upgrade files, which gives you time to kick off the Console upgrade tasks…

Upgrade RHEL 08

Upgrade RHEL 09

The task we use to upgrade our consoles, also downloads the windows server upgrade files.  This is unfortunate since we don’t have a windows server.  You can go into the downloads cache and delete the file if you like… or just let it get cleared out with non-use by our cache cleanup back-end processes.

Upgrade RHEL 10

There, now we have both the server upgrade and console upgrade running.  It is now a waiting game.

Upgrade RHEL 11

The Relay Diagnostics page is a great way of very quickly checking to see if the server has finished upgrading.  I hung out there after watching all the upgrade files download via the upgrade task Summary tab.  I also noticed a lot of errors popping up in my console due to connectivity.  This is because the server and console MUST be at the same version.

Upgrade RHEL 12

I closed the console application and restarted my client service on my workstation (because I didn’t want to wait).  After a very short time my console application was upgraded and I launched it. 

Success!!!! the Server and Console match and now I can proceed to upgrading my relays and endpoints.

Upgrade RHEL 13

That was significantly easier than I was expecting considering the trouble I had with installing the RHEL server in the first place… Installing Endpoint Manager v9 onto RHEL v6.3 64-bit - update1

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