Fixlet Tester (DEV)
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How to upload the dashboard to your environment:
  • Download the dashboard zip file and extract the files.
  • From the Endpoint Manager console you can upload the dashboard in one of the following ways:
    1. Enable the Debug Console menu by pressing Crtl-Alt-Shift-D and selecting "Show Debug Menu"
    2. From the Debug Console menu, load the dashboard ojo file by clicking Load Wizard.
  • or
  • Add the extracted files to an Endpoint Manager site by selecting Tools -> Add Files to Site. You see the dashboard in the the Dashboards folder.

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StatusBeta - Preliminary testing ready for more
TitleFixlet Tester (DEV)
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Added by on 6/11/2020 11:35:08 AM
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Fixlet Tester demonstration dashboard. Developed live during webinars in June 2020. Shows basic relevance and REST calls from in the Dashboard context.

Dashboard Files

File Name
Fixlet Tester Phase 1.ojo
Fixlet Tester Phase 2.ojo


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