Content Collections
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Collections are the newest way to help our users find useful content. Below is a list of content collections we have identified thus far. Browse these collections to find what you want faster or download the entire collection with one click.

If you'd like to see us start up a collection... Contact Us and tell us about the collection you envision.

Name Fixlets Analyses

BigFix Client Settings

13 1
This collection gathers together a bunch of 3rd party client settings manipulation tasks.

BigFix Dashboard

10 0
Fixlets and content related to the BigFix Dashboard monitoring project.

BigFix File Properties

1 0
Content related to the BigFix File Properties special project.


504 0
Content related to Windows DISM Features. These are generated by the Features project... visit to learn more about this project.

Mac Content

0 6
Content targeted specifically at Mac OS X.


6 4
Microsoft PowerShell related content like configuration and installation content. We even have a template fixlet.

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

7 2
Tivoli Storage Manager is an IBM backup product and used in many large organizations. This collection of content will help you discover and manage TSM within your environment.


11 1
Collection of content for managing Ubuntu Endpoints.


282 0
Uninstall fixlets is a collection of content generated by our Uninstall Wizard. visit to learn more about it.

Windows Configuration

7 1
Content within this collection relate to windows configuration settings and this content will either inventory or adjust those settings.