Beta:Lenovo:Hardware BIOS LoadDefaults
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This task will deploy: Lenovo_BIOS_LoadDefaults.A link to Lenovo where LoadDefaults.vbs script came from. here and a pdf here.

This task will only be relevant if the device has no password set.

Also if you need more information on WMI objects in relevance please check out

Property Details

StatusBeta - Preliminary testing ready for more
TitleBeta:Lenovo:Hardware BIOS LoadDefaults
CategoryLenovo Hardware BIOS
Download Size425
Source Release Date3/25/2016 12:00:00 AM
KeywordsLenovo BIOS Hardware
Is TaskTrue
Added by on 3/30/2016 7:20:13 PM
Last Modified by on 3/30/2016 7:20:13 PM
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name of operating system contains "Win"
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if (exists wmi) then (string value of select "Manufacturer from Win32_ComputerSystem" of wmi as string as lowercase)="lenovo" else (False)
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(boolean value of selects "PasswordState FROM Lenovo_BiosPasswordSettings" of wmi "ROOT\WMI:Lenovo_BiosPasswordSettings")= false


Action 1 (default)

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Script Type BigFix Action Script
prefetch 4ad891c41263dc563d777e3c61678603a3ad2395 sha1:4ad891c41263dc563d777e3c61678603a3ad2395 size:425 sha256:551f3573362cb788593ef391522f708e12ba05b50a5ea780e7ae801161e548b8
extract 4ad891c41263dc563d777e3c61678603a3ad2395
wait csript.exe __Download\LoadDefaults.vbs
Success Criteria

This action will be considered successful when all lines of the action script have completed successfully.


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