BigFix Dashboard
Discover how to monitor your entire infrastructure from your workstation and from your iPhone.

This is a special utility which allows you to control and monitor your BigFix deployment remotely. The project is broken down into three components:

1. The backend service is the most vital as it performs the actual monitoring and control operations.  It runs on your BigFix root server keeping an eye on the various parts of your infrastructure as defined in the registry. 

2. An iPhone/iPod/iPad application which allows for the consumption of the status data feed from the backend service.  This application lets you see at a glance the state of your infrastructure anywhere in the world assuming you’ve opened up the appropriate firewall port to the service.

3. Windows Desktop-Dashboard program which also consumes the status data feed and displays the results.  Similar to an Operations Centers many data display screens, this Dashboard lets you see at a glance the state of your infrastructure.

An official HOME for this project is ready...

You can download everything you need for this project from there.
In case you have trouble downloading the installers, here is the

1/31/2013 10:34:28 AM
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