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Battery Manufacture Date
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if(not exists node "AppleACPIPlatformExpert" whose(exists node "AppleSmartBattery" of node "AppleSmartBatteryManager" of node "AppleECSMBusController" of node "SMB0" of it) of service plane of iokit registry) then "No battery info" else ((integer of value of entry whose(key of it = "ManufactureDate") of dictionary of node "AppleSmartBattery" of node "AppleSmartBatteryManager" of node "AppleECSMBusController" of node "SMB0" of node "AppleACPIPlatformExpert" of service plane of iokit registry) as string)

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TitleBattery Manufacture Date
KeywordsAppleACPIPlatformExpert AppleSmartBattery AppleSmartBatteryManager AppleECSMBusController SMB0
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jgstew -
case kBManufactureDateCmd: /* * Date is published in a bitfield per the Smart Battery Data spec rev 1.1 * in section 5.1.26 * Bits 0...4 => day (value 1-31; 5 bits) * Bits 5...8 => month (value 1-12; 4 bits) * Bits 9...15 => years since 1980 (value 0-127; 7 bits) */
jgstew -
I'm not yet sure how to properly convert the output of this relevance into a usable year or date.
jgstew -