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LAN - Link Speed
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  * Results in a "string"/number
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((unique value of it/(1000*1000)) as string & " Mbps") of link speeds of adapters whose (link speed of it = maximum of link speeds of adapters whose (up of it AND (friendly name of it as lowercase contains "ethernet" OR friendly name of it as lowercase contains "local area connection")) of networks) of networks

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TitleLAN - Link Speed
Keywordsadapters Mbps speeds networks network
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jgstew -
Yea, I was thinking that. It would be nice to have a Mac version of this: http://bigfix.me/cdb/Analysis/2994562
hansen_m -
Dang! Wonder if we can get it from ioreg?
jgstew -
Does the example output thing work for analyses?
jgstew -
Oh, i did not see that example output thing... that is amazing.
danielheth -
Looks like link speed isn't available on other OSs. I love the example output feature.
jgstew -
okay, looks like this is not cross platform. Says "link speed" is not defined on OS X
jgstew -
I just expanded the analysis I have and added relevance to apply to macs to try to refine it. I'll add it to the PSU site when finished.
jgstew -
This should be cross platform
hansen_m -
Is this Windows only?
jgstew -
A simplified version that would also report wireless if wireless is the max link: http://bigfix.me/cdb/relevance/2116
jgstew -
(friendly name of it as lowercase contains "ethernet" OR friendly name of it as lowercase contains "local area connection" OR friendly name of it as lowercase contains "wireless")
jgstew -
The above could be changed to include wireless adapters since it will report on whatever the maximum link speed is, which would almost always be the Ethernet adapter. The trick is that some WiFi N devices will report a link speed of "450 Mbps" at times, while Gigabit NICs in power save mode will report "10 Mbps" at times (I believe), so that could cause confusion.
jgstew -
This will give you the current max link speed of the Ethernet network of the computer, regardless of how many network adapters are installed, and regardless if the maximum link adapter is named like "local area connection 2"
jgstew -
friendly name of it as lowercase contains "ethernet" is needed to work with windows 8