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Evaluation Loop Average
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  * Results in a "string"/number
Show indented relevance
less significance 3 of (average of evaluationcycle of client as floating point / 1000 / 60)

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TitleEvaluation Loop Average
KeywordsClient Evaluation Loop
DescriptionAverage Client Loop (evaluation cycle) in minutes
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Last Modified by on 1/29/2013 10:06:15 PM
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danielheth -
Yup, jugs tee has it right. This one gives u more accurate info with the additional decimal values. This one was /is a better version of that older statement. Relevance statements don't get version'ed like fixlets and analyses. The previous statement is still functional, just this one is better. Both show examples of writing relevance which is why I leave both up on the site.
jgstew -
Expand the "Example Results" of both to see what I mean.
jgstew -
I believe this one will result in decimal values, and the other will be an integer.
WinstonSnider -
What is the difference between this one and: http://bigfix.me/cdb/Relevance/1056?
jgstew -
This seems like a good thing to add to an analysis to gauge the "health" of the TEM clients and their ability to report in reasonably.
jgstew -
So this is related/similar to: http://bigfix.me/cdb/Relevance/1056
danielheth -
Yes. In some very large organizations with alot of content, actions, console operators and such... their client loop plays a major factor when trying to design new projects. Some projects involve automatic shutdown/startup using vPro or other technologies, and timing is very important. To help with that, we could use this relevance to determine how long the endpoint is taking to go through it's entire client loop (evaluating actions, content, global properties, site subscriptions, etc...)
jgstew -
So what does this represent? How often it takes a client to work through all of its relevance evals?