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Days since Windows Install Date
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(now - it) of unique values of (it * second + "01 Jan 1970 00:00:00" as local time) of (it as string as trimmed string as integer) whose(0 != it) of values "InstallDate" of keys "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" of (x64 registries;x32 registries)

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TitleDays since Windows Install Date
KeywordsWindows Install
DescriptionThis relevance will give the amount of time since the Windows Install Date. This could be used to determine if a computer has windows recently installed and is in the process of being provisioned.
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jgstew -
yes, you can have an automatic group that only contains computers with windows installed within the last 7 days. Can do the same for bigfix installed within the past 7 days. Would recommend discussing this on the forums: forum.bigfix.com
Pradeep -
Can we got details like, only list of computers on which window installed in last 7 Days from now.
jgstew -
remove `(now - it) of ` from the front of it.
Vk.khurava -
currently its providing install date in number of days, can we get the date like - 2014-05-17.