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(multiplicity of it, it) of unique values of (source severities of it) of fixlets of bes sites whose((name of it starts with "Updates for " OR name of it starts with "Patches for" OR name of it = "Enterprise Security"))

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Title(Count, Source severity) of all patches
DescriptionRelated: https://bigfix.me/relevance/details/3019834
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jgstew -
please ask this question on forum.bigfix.com and put @jgstew in the post, and provide a link to this. The comments here don't work well for discussion. `fixlets of bes sites` is faster in this very specific use case.
pay-copter -
Any idea how OS flavor of the BES computers in the environment could be easily added to this? Also, why did you select from the "fixlets of bes sites" rather than using the 'bes fixlets" inspector?