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Installdate plus 3 days into the future
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(((year of it as string & month of it as two digits & day_of_month of it as two digits) of date ("ut" as time zone) of it as integer) of now) > (substring (0,8) of string value of selects "InstallDate from win32_operatingsystem" of wmi) as integer +3

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TitleInstalldate plus 3 days into the future
Keywordsdate, time, installdate
DescriptionI use this relevance in actions with no end date to start fixlets three days after OS Installation.
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DavidH -
This formula is incorrect because it assumes there are 100 days in a month and 10,000 days in a year. For example, if the installation date is Jan. 30, 2020, then the first part of the equation is 20200130. The next day is only one day later, but 20200201 > 20200130 + 3 will evaluate as true.
jgstew -
See this: https://bigfix.me/relevance/details/2199