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3 random ints between 0 and 11 without repetition
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  * Results in a "string"/number
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(it as integer) of substrings separated by ";" of tuple string items 0 of concatenations ", " of ( concatenations ";" of (it as string) of elements of sets whose(size of it = 3) of (random integers of 11) of integers in (1,3) ) whose(it != "") of integers in (1,30)

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Title3 random ints between 0 and 11 without repetition
DescriptionThis is an imperfect way to generate 3 random ints from a set of possible ones but ensuring there is no repetition between them by generating many sets randomly and then forcing 3 unique results and picking the first in which that is the case. For this method to work you need to generate many more sets of random ints than the number of ints you are wanting as a result.
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