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Text for AirGap tool to download items from within the past 90 days.
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(item 0 of it & item 1 of it) of ("Y::site=" & name of site of it & "::fixletid=" & id of it as string & "::url=", (item 0 of it & "::size=" & item 1 of it & "::hash=" & item 2 of it & "::hashtype=sha256") whose(length of it > 64 AND it as uppercase does not contain "_CACHING_REQUIRED") of (parenthesized parts 3 of it, parenthesized parts 2 of it, parenthesized parts 4 of it) of matches (regex "(prefetch \S+ sha1:\S{40} size:(\d+) (https*:\/\/\S+) sha256:(\S{64})|\s*add prefetch item name=\S+ sha1=\S{40} size=(\d+) url=(https*:\/\/\S+) sha256=(\S{64}))") of scripts of actions of it) of bes fixlets whose(not custom flag of it AND download size of it != 0 AND now - modification time of it < 90 * day AND exists applicable computers of it AND exists scripts whose(it as lowercase contains "prefetch") of actions of it)

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TitleText for AirGap tool to download items from within the past 90 days.
DescriptionNot sure how accurate this is, might be missing some items that it should include.
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