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We have lots of fixlets, relevance statements, analyses and BigFix Inventory catalog signatures to search through here on You likely landed on our site because you're looking for content and resources related to BigFix (IBM Endpoint Manager) and/or BigFix Inventory (formerly Software Use Analysis). Well you're in the right place. Use our search engine to engage in our community by finding various pieces of content that your fellow community members have created and contributed to this online content database.
BigFix Analysis (BFI) signature content is a recent addition to the our site and we hope you find the new content useful. Most features in this tour apply to both the BigFix content as well as the BFI signature content, but where there are differences we'll do our best to call them out. For example, versioning is not currently supported for BFI signature content and signature content can be downloaded to an xml or zip file instead of a BES file.

Upload and Share Content

A vital part of our community is user generated content. We strive to make it extremely easy to upload and share your custom built content. Fixlets, Tasks, and Analyses as well as simple Relevance Statements and BFI Signatures are easy to upload and share with the rest of the community.
For BFI signature content export, look at the Catalog Customizations screen under the Management menu on the BFI console.

Organize your favorite BigFix content

You can group your favorite content using Site or subscribe sites created by other users. Sites are essentially groups of content. They allow you to organize your favorite content for quick reference and downloading.
Current BFI signature content is not included in this feature, but look for future website updates that will allow you to better organize and manage your signature content.

Connect your IEM enviroment with

Install and configure the BigfixmeSync to automatically download the subscribed BigFix content on your IEM enviroment.

Content Creation Wizards for BigFix Content

Don't have a BigFix Console, no problem! We're always adding new ways to auto-magically create fixlets which you can download to use within your deployments. Simply answer a few questions in the wizard and hit create, you will immediately be forward to your newly created content. This list is short for now, but we're always coming up with new ideas. If you have an idea for a content creation wizard, contact us and we'll built it.

Note for BigFix Inventory signatures you do need to use the BFI console for signature creation. Using the BFI console can help you normalize your content against the existing content imported from IBM. In the future, if there is a need, we may provide a way to create BFI signature content outside of the BFI console.

Inspector Guide for Relevance

Learn all about the Relevance Language using our user submitted documentation wiki. We've worked hard to provide a useful wiki-like interface to the standard documentation format. Browse around the various Inspectors and Key Phrases, and see examples of each. Filter by the OS and agent version you're working with to see only related Inspectors and Key Phrases.

You can view the guide at:

User Profiles

We've worked hard to make our community a little more social. Our profile pages are a perfect example of making BigFix fun and exciting.

You can view profiles with a simple URL:

Read more about sharing your profile here...

Point System

In an effort to help make sharing more fun, we've created a robust reputation system. Everything you do here on is rewarded with points. These points will help you earn a reputation and provides you a way to measure your contributions against those of your peers. As you accumulate more points, you will move through the ranks which are promonently displayed on your profile page. Ranks are used to represent your score in a very friendly way.
0 Points
1 - 9 Points
10 - 19 Points
Many more ranks available!
Read more about this ranking system on our FAQ.


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Learn more about our RSS feeds on the FAQ.
NOTE: The RSS Feed capability is currently unavailable. We are working to correct some issues and hope to have this feature available again shortly.

Read the Forum

Our community members can participate in our recently revamped forum located here. Jump over and search through the various posts to learn all kinds of new things about BigFix.

Getting Started

To get started in our little community, try one of these: We offer lots of ways to interact with our community. Post comments on existing content, add content to your personal content sites, even post your own Relevance, Fixlets and Analyses, or BFI Signatures. The more you interact with us the better we'll grow.